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The drone flute above is an example of
the use of exotic hardwoods. It is crafted
of purple heart and has custom birds
in the shape of hearts.

Below is a close up of a stylized
eagle bird. (The bird is also
sometimes referred to as the
totem, or fetish.)


A carved bird such as this
typically would be about
$25.00 extra.


Above, the stylized eagle roosts atop
an exotic hardwood flute. This one
is redheart. The color is natural, no
stain used, only a clear finish.

Below is a naturally finished poplar six
hole flute. Very light color, sometimes
almost snow white, but also sometimes
carrying mineral streaks for a stunning
look. These can be made for as little
as $125.00.


Add a crescent moon, stylized eagle, horse head
or other custom bird to a simple poplar flute
for a truly cusom instrument.


Above, the crescent moon sits atop a
one of a kind purple heart flute. Fancy
turning and carving made this one a beauty.
It is sold. Something similar can be yours
for $175.00 to $225.00.

Whitepath Flutes of Tallahassee

Whitepath flutes are available in traditional cedar as well as a variety of exotic woods
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Why should I custom order?
We are currently not making any exotic wood flutes ahead of time.  We are concentrating on a basic white poplar 6 hole flute in order to offer the best possible price for a top quality instrument.  You can order one of these for 130.00 with free shipping.  If you would like an exotic wood flute we can custom make one for you.  It will be a bit more expensive for the exotic wood and may take from 3 to 6 weeks time. 
Even stocked flutes are really one
of a kind, as even though styles
may be similar, we work each piece
of wood to bring out the best of its
particular characteristics. So why
order a custom made flute?
The cost can be very little more,
if any and you can select the wood,
style and bird type you want. You will
have a special instrument that
you took part in the creation of.

Cedar is an excellent choice for the Native American flute.
It is traditional,  as it was the wood of choice for the Native
Americans for a number of reasons. Availability in the areas
they lived was one reason. Another was of course durability.
But there is another reason cedar was important to the Native
American people. Cedar trees are shallow rooted. They grow
in large groups, or groves so that the root system of the
individual trees intertwine with each other for strength.
This is symbolic of the tribe, which is an extended family.

The flute below is a six hole red cedar
model with a new style "reversible"
bird. The bird as tied functions
as a "chimneyed" bird. It can be
removed and turned around to function
as a "roofed" bird.


An example of the use of exotic
hardwoods, the flute below is crafted
of bocote. It carries a poplar horse-
head silhouette bird.


Exotic hardwood flutes such as the
bocote flute above average from
$150.00 to $225.00 depending on
wood choice, style, and type bird
that is selected.

This page we will dedicate to flutes made of various woods.

Below is a wonderful beginners flute.
It is a five hole flute in the key of
E minor. It is available in red cedar
for $125.00. It can be made in poplar
for a bit less.


The three ties on the new reversible style
bird take a bit more time and effort to
retie when removing the bird for
cleaning, but also hold the bird very

From the simple traditional
style to the fanciest custom
made instrument, you're
bound to find that
"special" flute on these

Below is an example of a six hole flute
in red oak. Red oak is a coarse grained
hardwood that can be finished naturally
or stained. It has a very mellow tone.


Billy Whitefox is now the owner of the
first red oak flute I made. He fell in love
with the clear, mellow tone the first
time he heard it. Prices for a red oak
flute start at about $125.00.

Below is a darkly stained poplar flute.
Poplar is excellent as it has similar
resonating qualities to cedar. Some
select pieces are very beautiful when
finished natural, with no stain.



Above is a closeup of the block, called
the "bird" for the poplar flute.
This is a traditional style and
is made of poplar.

We can craft for you a basic tradtional
style flute in poplar for as low as $125.00.

Please e-mail or call us for special pricing on some
of our in-stock flutes. We have a few left from what we
showed at pow-wows and craft shows. We are
unable to travel at this time, so we may have just
what you want at a great price.

Give us a call at (850) 556-0236 e-mail
Whitepath Flutes, Crawfordville, FL