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I am maintaining this website in order to showcase some of the different styles of flutes I have made over the years.  These days I am offering one specific model in order to offer the most bang for the buck I possibly can.  I am making a white poplar 6 hole flute in the key of F# that is priced at $130.00 with free shipping.  The easiest way to order is to go to my ordering and shipping information page.  There you will find pictures of my currently available flutes.  Just click on one to go to my etsy.com shop which has a shopping cart and easy check out.  If you prefer you can just email me and I can accept payment via Paypal.  This would be best for any type custom order. Thanks.


I am currently offering a six hole F# flute crafted in naturally finished white poplar as pictured above for $130. 00 with free shipping.  Red cedar, as pictured below, when available will run about $150.00.


Click this link to see a video review of my flutes by pro musician and music teacher Scott Grove.

Osiyo and welcome to the home of Whitepath Flutes.

   Osiyo (hello). Wado (thank you) for visiting Whitepath Flutes. I am Dan White. My Cherokee name is Man Wind Spirit, given me by Chief Man Many Trees of the Overhill Nation, Descendants of Cherokee. My wife Donna was given the name Brown Feather. She is also of Cherokee descent. My ancestry is both Cherokee and Creek. My great x5 grandfather was called Whitepath, the reason for naming my flute business Whitepath Flutes.  My grandmother on my father's side, I am told, was 1/4 Creek. I am just beginning to learn more about my heritage but am proud and blessed to be a part of keeping alive the Native American Flute, which was almost lost to the world. There is a wealth of information available now about the people who helped the revival of this instrument and we hope to add links to sites as time permits to help those who wish to study the history of the flute. In the meantime please e-mail us with any questions and we will try our best to answer or direct you to those who can.   
    The Native American flute is becoming more popular every day. When I first was introduced to this wonderful instrument a few years ago there were very few flute makers on the internet and little information to be found. Now there is a wealth of information available and many excellent craftsmen helping to keep alive the sound of the Native American flute. I am blessed to be one of them. I was introduced to the Native American flute by Billy Whitefox, a recording artist and maker of beautiful rivercane flutes. Billy is also a talented silversmith and we will be listing pieces of his beautiful jewelry quite frequently. The purpose of this site is to showcase the flutes that I make as well as Billy's jewelry and to be of help in any way we can to those interested in the Native American flute, whether they choose to buy a Whitepath flute or from another maker. On this site you will find pictures and an idea of the price range of our products. We try to keep a good variety of flutes in stock for immediate shipment, but we will be glad to custom craft that special instrument for you. 

If you are in need of music lessons please check out this link: http://www.groovymusiclessons.com.  Scott Grove is a professional musician who offers the most reasonably priced video lessons I have ever come across.  His main focus is guitar, but he also teaches many other instruments as well.  He will be coming out with flute lessons in the near future (the date of this notice being 9/13/10).  I am sure he will do an awesome job.    

The pictures here show a red cedar
5 hole flute in the key of E minor.
This is a wonderful choice for a first
flute as it has recessed, or grooved
finger holes. This feature makes
finger placement easy and accurate
 so even a beginner may seal the holes
correctly with no air leaks.



When crafted in select red cedar, these little
E minor flutes typically retail for $125.00.

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     offer comments about our site
or ask questions  about our products.
Please click on the info@whitepathflutes link
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call, fax or write. Thank you.
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The next two pictures below are two
 different style 5 hole bamboo flutes.
 Just think, musical instruments made
of grass! That's what bamboo is, a
variety of grass. The bamboo for these
 flutes is hand selected, air dried for
anywhere from a few weeks to several
months. When made into a flute it is
firehardened and polished. The bamboo
flutes are what is called "free tuned", meaning
they play an even and melodic scale, but are
not tuned to a specific key. They have a truly
wonderful sound and make a great first flute or
addition to a collection.



Our bamboo flutes are excellent for the
beginning Native American flute enthusiast.
Less expensive than the wood flutes but
still having the haunting sound the Native
American flute is known and loved for.
These flutes are available in a range of
sizes and coloration. They retail for
$75.00. These are clear toned, top quality musical instruments, not to be confused with childrens whistles. 

Here is a beautiful example of Billy Whitefox creations.
The picture does not do justice to the beautiful
silver and turquoise wrist cuff "Buffalo Spirit".
Below that is a gorgeous necklace, "Bear Spirit", in 
hand tooled copper.


The above picture shows a bamboo
didjeridoo between two wood flutes.
 We have these available from time to
time depending on availability of material.
These start at around $45.00.


Here is an mp3 of Bamboo Prayer, a track from a self made CD I recorded in 2003.

Bamboo Prayer



Whitepath Flutes also offers a
variety of southwestern style
fretwork art. More photos
and pricing on another page.

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