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Whitepath Flutes of Tallahassee

Bamboo and Rivercane flutes
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The bamboo flute above is made from a
piece shaped by nature. Apparantly a
vine wrapped around one joint causing
the bends and twists. This is definitely
one of a kind and is available for only
$125.00 and we'll pay shipping.


Purchace the beautiful rivercane
flute above for an introductory
price of $110.00.

Not only are Billy's rivercane flutes
tuned to key, they are adorned with
woodburned art. Each piece tells
a story. These flutes are typically
$120.00 and up.



Choose Billy's "Raven" flute
made from rivercane also for
the introductory price of $110.00.

This page is dedicated to bamboo and rivercane
flutes. These were made by tribes living in areas
where this material was readily available. Wood
flutes were made where bamboo or rivercane was
not available. Rivercane is native to this country, whereas bamboo was imported from Asia.  Rivercane has longer
joints between nodes than does bamboo. I make bamboo
flutes. The rivercane flutes we offer are made by my
good friend, Billy Whitefox.


Above is an example of a style of
bamboo flute that is extra long with
the foot (front end) cut at a
downward angle. Very elegant.
This style is about $85.00.

Remember, the rivercane
flutes made by Billy Whitefox
are tuned to a specific key as
well as having wood-burned art
on them. My bamboo flutes are
what is called "free tuned." They
play an accurate melodic scale,
but are not tuned to a specific key.


Two more samples of bamboo flutes above and below.


Directly above are two Whitepath bamboo flutes.
The top one with no spirit holes, the bottom
one with spirit holes. These holes at the front,
or foot of wood or bamboo flutes are also
sometimes refered to as "direction" holes, alowing
the sound to come out to the four cardinal directions
of North, South, East and West. They also may be
refered to as "tuning" holes, which is there purpose
as they determine the "tonic", or key note of the flute.

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Whitepath Flutes, Crawfordville, FL